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ZitsZucker™ Invisible Acne Repair Patch (36pcs)

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ZitsZucker™ Invisible Acne Repair Patch invisibly covers, absorbs and heals acnes and pimples without scarring in just one night!

The patch is the first to combine hydrocolloid polymer technology dressing with a potent blend of acne-fighting ingredients including tea-tree essence, salicylic acid & aloe etc.The bacteria-fighting technology extracts zits & impurities and provides a barrier from external irritants while preventing picking and inflammation for rapid recovery and regeneration.

The extra thin layer perfectly blends with your natural skin tone to cover your blemishes for an invisible and natural look. Ideal for both daily & overnight use – cover it with your makeup or wakeup to clear skin in the next morning.



In an independent consumer study

  1. 100% of participants said that the product healed the acne that it was applied to
  2. 98% of participants said the product successfully extracted the zits after 6-hour application
  3. 95% of participants agreed the product was mostly invisible even when there is no makeup


Last-Minute Treatment

  • Effectively extracts zits and soothes redness in 6-hour application 

Acne-Fighting Formula

  • Tea-Tree Essence: A natural antimicrobial activity to work on the skin-dwelling bacteria involved in the development of problem skin
  • Salicylic Acid: An active ingredient proven to treat active blemishes and prevent the formation of new breakouts
  • Aloe: A calming anti-inflammatory with pore-purifying benefits to soothe acnes

Ultimate Invisibility

  • Extra slim hydrocolloid
  • Blends well with skin
  • Coverable by makeup

Painless & Harmless to Skin

  • Stays put but soft
  • Works well on sensitive skin too


  1. Thoroughly clean the target area
  2. Once dry, apply the patch onto the acne.
  3. Leave on for 6+ hours


Size: 7mm, 10mm & 12mm


1 pack x ZitsZucker™Invisible Acne Repair Patch (36 pcs)

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