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Ultimate Salvage Fishing Magnet

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Everyone can be as strong as Popeye with the help of Ultimate Salvage Fishing Magnet! Lift up anything you want without any effort now! 


Made up of a super strong neodymium magnet inside of a chrome played steel cup, the magnet is able to concentrate the magnetic force and provide up to 120kg of holding power.

No matter if you want to salvage your dropped stuff in the drains, hang heavy stuff at home, go magnet fishing or even an underwater treasure hunt, this magnet will do the heavy job for you like your third hand!

The steel cup is coated with shiny and rust resistant materials which provides protection for the magnet and helps prevent chipping or cracking. Together with the stainless-steel rings, the quality is assured with a corrosion-proof feature.


  • Strong pulling force
  • Powerful double-sided magnetic force
  • Up to 120kg of holding power
  • Perfect for retrieving dropped objects in deep water, wells, drains etc.
  • Also applicable in lifting, hanging, magnet fishing, underwater treasure hunt, industrial works, home-using
  • Shiny and rust resistant coating on the steel cup
  • Prevent chipping or cracking
  • Stainless-steel rings
  • Impact-proof


Size: Small, Medium and Large

Small: 42 x 39.7 cm
Medium: 48 x 49.2 cm
Large: 60 x 53.4 cm

Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement


Ultimate Salvage Fishing Magnet x1

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