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Traditional Herbal Slimming Belly Pellet (Patch Included)

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The Latest Nano Technology Coupled with Traditional Herbal Remedies brings up this Herbal Slimming Belly Pellet!

Small Yet Powerful, the Pellet is infused with various traditional herbal ingredients, treated by latest US Nano Medical Technologies, the herbal content is reduced to diameter of 80μm which can easily be absorbed by umbilicus (Belly button) and go directly to fat layers to Dissolve and Remove Fat cells.




SIMPLE AND DIRECT - The Nano Technology has granted the pellet a direct access to fat accumulated areas, directly solving fat and swelling problem

1500 YEARS TRADITIONAL REMEDY - The traditional herbal content is a long-proven solution to fat and swelling problem in old civilisations.

NO MED, NO EXERCISE, NO SURGERY - It is the easiest way to lose weight and it is suitable to everybody. No Allergies, No Restriction to age, gender and health conditions.

FAST RESULTS - 3-4 Weeks of continued use for Visible Results!



Fagara, Argyi Wool, Sun-dried Longan, Sichuan peppercorns


Traditional Herbal Slimming Belly Pellet x 10pcs/30pcs (With patch)


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