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Solar Powered Automatic Ground Light

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This Solar Powered Automatic Ground Light is created not only for decoration purposes but also for lawn safety and emergency purposesYou can use these products conveniently since it  doesn’t need electricity to run. These LED lights can help you keep your lawn and garden safe during the night for it provides bright light that will enable you to see what is on your lawn or garden at night.

It can make your garden look like the elite gardens that you see on the televisions. It can beautify your garden and give it a grandiose look during the night.You can just simply put these lamps wherever is your preferred place within your lawn or garden. Its fast light sensor will enable you to turn it on and off.


  • For security and decoration purposes - It gives life to every garden at night and allow people to see what’s in the lawn or garden during the night for safety and security.
  • Powered by Solar Energy- You can save the money that you’ll pay in your electric bills because its power comes from the sun rays.

    • Automatically turns on at night and turns off at day- Less hassle and more convenience.
    • Fast light sensor reaction- You can turn this on and off by waving your hands because it has automatic sensors.

    • Long lasting and durable- It is made with high-quality electric materials which makes it durable and have a long life span.
    • Easy to set up- It is easy to use and set up. You just have to connect the parts and place it in your preferred place.

      • Water and Dust Proof- You can place it along with your plants since it is waterproof.
      • Heat resistant- No matter how hot your day is, you will never have to worry about this device.

        • Shock proof and anti- corrosion- It can tolerate shocks which makes it live long.


        Voltage: 1.2 V

        Wattage: 8 LED

        Size (approx): Diameter 11.7cm, total length: 13cm

        Color temperature: white/ warm light 

        Product Includes:

        1 pc Solar Powered Automatic Ground Light

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