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SnowSkin+ Nourshing Seaweed Mask

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A creamy facial treatment that brightens, smoothens and resets tired skin, restoring its youthful radiance and complexion in 20 minutes.

Our innovative seaweed mask is comprised of micronized fine powder, made fresh per individual use with sustainably harvested seaweeds. The holistic formula gently buffs and refines epidermis to revitalize skin with refreshing and calming effect.

The ultra-fine powder will react with water and form a gel mask that nourishes skin to exfoliate away dryness, revealing a more youthful, renewed and healthy glow to your complexion against the signs of aging. Applicable on hands, faces and other body parts.


  • Visible results in 20 minutes
  • Brighter, smoother and better complexion
  • Fights aging with rich seaweed essence
  • Buffs and refines epidermis to revitalize skin
  • Hydrates skin for a healthy glow
  • Holistic formula for an overall skin improvement
  • Applicable to multiple body parts


1. Take out 5g powder

2. Mix with 1tbsp water

3. Stir to gel form

4. Apply on face and let it stay for 20 minutes


Size: 100g


1x SnowSkin+ Nourshing Seaweed Mask

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