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Reusable Aquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube

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Get rid of cloudy and smelly aquarium water now and easily maintain a safe water habitat for fish with this Aquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube!

Effective and suitable for all aquarium types. With its ultra-strong filtration and absorption features, it rapidly removes water coloration, odors, toxic pollutants that harm your aquatic pets!

It has a honeycombed structure with micro tunnels, ultra-absorbent and activated carbon inside. It effectively absorbs toxic pollutants from the water without electrical power.


  • Extreme Filtration & Absorption

Effectively removes and absorbs water coloration, odors, toxic pollutants, and other harmful chemicals in your aquarium through its ultra-absorbent, honeycomb activated carbon. 

  • Safe for your Aquatic Pets
  • Made with natural and non-toxic activated carbon - enabling the pets to stay healthy and safe in your aquarium.

  • No More Cloudy Water
  • Keep your aquarium water free from dirt and toxic substances while maintaining its pH level, making it clearer and safe for pets and your living environment free from unpleasant odor. 


  • Long-Lasting and Reusable
  • Just rinse it with tap water every month and replace the purifier every 3 to 6 months. 

  • Electricity-Free
  • It works through its physical cleaning properties therefore does not need electricity to function.



    Material: Activated carbon honeycomb

    Size: 10*10*10 cm

    Net weight: 200 g


    Package Includes:

    1 x Reusable Aquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube




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