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On-the-Go Jewelry Cleaner

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Bring back the charm and beauty of your gems and jewelry with the use of this On-the-go Jewelry Cleaner. Designed to clean all kinds of jewelries in the easiest and fastest way. Made with all natural, ammonia-free, and non-toxic formula, safe for you and the environment. 


It has a handy and brush design making it purse-friendly and easy to apply. This product can be used for up to one hundred applications. Use it using the three-step process: twist, clean, and polish! Its brush has soft bristles, reaching the deep-seated grime on your gems and jewelry!



  • Fast cleaning

An on-the-go jewelry cleaner, it effectively cleans every gems and jewelry without any hassle. It can be used whenever and wherever you go.

  • Good for 100 applications

 A little goes a long way with this product, can use it up 100 times for jewelry cleaning.

  • Reaches deep-seated dirt

It has soft bristles made to fit in small spaces and reach even the deep-seated grime making your accessory fancy and dirt-free thoroughly.

  • Works on all types of jewelry

Made from a high-quality formula that works on all kinds of gems and jewelry, making them clean and shiny as new.

  • Non-toxic

It is non- toxic, its natural formula made it safe for any type of jewelry. Ammonia-free, safe for your jewels,you, and the environment.

  • Compact

Has a slim, handy, and pen-like structure making it portable. You can bring it whenever and wherever you go.


Product Dimension: 1.9 x 1 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 1.5mL


1 On-the-go Jewelry Cleaner

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