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Minute Deep Cleaning Grease Remover

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Need a deep cleaning of grease and stains on your appliances? Maybe your microwave or kitchen hood? Our Minute Deep Cleaning Grease Remover is a safe solution to your kitchen problem. This is a product especially formulated to be used on kitchen and bathroom appliances, therefore no harmful substances will reside on your tools.

No more scrubbing, no more twisting your arms over and over again. Simply spray and wait a minute, then wipe away the the liquid. In just a matter of a minute, your appliances will look as if they were newly bought!
  • Effective Cleaning
Removes even the most stubborn stains and grease with just a spray, saving you from endless of scrubbing and arm work.
  • Quick Results
Results are noticeable in the matter of just a minute, wipe off liquid to reveal your appliances' new clean look.
  • Fresh Scent
Not only does it eliminates unpleasant smell from old grease and stains, it leaves a fresh scent to your appliances and fills your environment with a sense of cleaningness.
  • Gentle Formula
Skin friendly formula to protect your skin from aggressive ingredients and irritation.
  • Safe to Use
Especially designed to be used on appliances and surface that will be in contact with food and the human skin, the formula is safe to use on hands and never leave harmful matter on appliances.
Weight: 50g
Package Includes:
1pc Minute Deep Cleaning Grease Remover
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