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Instant Mold Remover Spray

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Instantly and effectively remove all molds and in your home. Continous growth of mold will eventually leads to pollution of the air and harm to the lungs when breathing. It cleans the air by banishing toxic and odor in the atmosphere. 

Not only it removes the mold, it also creates a protection shield to prevent future growth of mold. It removes mold from its very roots, making it impossible for mold to come back. Skin-friendly and environmentally friendly ingredients, safe for you and the earth


  • Instant Result

Just spray and wipe, mold will be removed instantly and completely.

  • Effective & Throughout Removal

Removes mold by sinking in and destroying its roots in a nanosecond, making it completely gone and impossible to come back.

  • Creates Protection Shield

The spray also works as a protective film to prevent future emergence of mold.

  • Safe Formula

Made from skin-friendly materials, ensuring it is gentle and harmless on your hands.

  • Clean Air

Removes toxic and odor produced by mold spreading in the air, creating a clean and healthy atmosphere to breathe in.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Made from all natural sourced ingredients, this product is safe for the environment. 


Weight: 200mL

Package Includes:

1 Bottle of Instant Mold Remover Spray

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