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Insect Killing Double Sided Glue Paper

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Bugs buzzing around your ears? Insects eating away your unripe plants and crops? Protect your family and properties with our Insect Killing Glue Paper, one step usage and your problem are away.


The paper is double sided, heat resistant and waterproof with one-year glutinosity, and the best is, all you need to do is hang it and the rest is done by itself!



- Attract insects and louses

Trap insects and louses on paper automatically.

- No fuss

No extra steps, no electricity, no cleaning up. Simply hang it on your plants and throw away as considered needed.


- Heat Resistance

Glue will not melt under the heat of the sun, making it perfectly effective in any environment.

- Waterproof

The glutinosity is so powerful that when it rains or you are watering the plants, it will not be affected, waterproof from all situations.


- Yellow spectrum

 Yellow is known for attracting pest, all pernicious insects and louses. Effective in attracting and trapping them on paper without any help.

- Double sided

Maximised benefit from the paper and the glue with doubled sided glue paper.


- One-year glutinosity

The glue can last up to a whole year without decreasing its glutinosity.



Size: 25 x 20 cm


Product Includes:

20pc Insect Killing Glue Paper

40pc Wire

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