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Hydrophonic Liquid Fertilizer

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Fuel your plants with the nutrients in just a squeeze! Your healthier alternative option to standard fertilizer, the Hydrophonic Liquid Fertilizer will instantly make your plants healthy and beautiful!

You don’t have to worry anymore when you plants start to wither. This fertilizer can revive your dying plants. This promotes strong and rapid root growth that can develop resistance against plants disease. It also has the ability to balance the pH level of the soil and to spread evenly for a constant amount of nutrients for all plants.

- Eco-Friendly Formula – A nourishing formula with a special mixture of Calcium Ion, Amino Acid, Trace Elements, and NPK. It boosts growth speed and develops a resistance against plants diseases.
- Healthier plants – the fertilizer balances the pH of the soil and spreads evenly for a constant amount of nutrients for all plants
- Quick Growth – it initiates rapid rooting and supports strong and healthy root growth. It can also revive dying plants, making them lush again.
- Uniform Application – it spreads evenly in soil or water, thus giving your fields a uniformed coating so that all plants receive the same nutrients.
- Fast Acting – Quick-acting solution that instantly penetrates soil. Some plants will see results from this application almost immediately
- Easy to use – No more mixing required; squeeze drops directly into the plant’s container.
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