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Herbal Foot Detox SPA Tablets (5 pcs)

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Experience a 30-minute herbal detox treatment that helps relieve pain, improves circulation, reduces swelling & inflammation!

Herbal Foot Detox SPA Tablets offer an invigorating bubble massage to draw out toxins from fatigue feet, thanks to the penetrating properties of effervescent tablets. They will quickly dissolve in liquid and be absorbed into blood stream for quick detox and relief, achieving overall health enhancement as a whole.

Each tablet is formulated with a rich blend of rose and artemisia extracts, which helps reduce swelling & inflammation, as well as alleviating the symptoms of fatigue, cold and flu. Soaking your foot is also proven to increase blood circulation and encourage metabolism in a long run.



  • A 30-minute detox with visible results
  • Each tablet contains large dose of rose & artemisia extracts
  • Removes dirt, toxins and excessive water accumulated in body
  • Effervescent tablets penetrate 2X faster than normal treatment
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation, pain & fatigue
  • Relieves the symptoms of cold and flu
  • Encourages blood circulation & metabolism
  • Better sleep quality and overall health improvement



  1. Put one Herbal Foot Detox SPA Tablet into a bucket of warm water.
  2. Soak your feet for around 30 minutes.
  3. Feel the instant difference!

*For best result, please apply twice a week



Size: 50g

Quantity: 1 pack / 3 packs / 5 packs


1 pack x Herbal Foot Detox SPA Tablets (5 pcs)

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