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ScalpRevive™ Hair Regrowth Essence Spray

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Regrow bold spots and fill up thinning hair!

ScalpRevive™ Hair Regrowth Essence Spray repairs damaged scalps & unclogs follicles filled with serum, regrowing new hair and reducing excess hair loss.

Formulated with potent natural ingredients, our essence spray purifies & stimulates the hair follicles while reversing hair loss.

Ginseng revitalizes cell production and lengthens the active 
growing phase of hair. It also boosts circulation in the scalp and increases the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles.


  • HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT: Stimulates & energizes follicles to promote rapid hair regrowth and nourishment of hair.

  • REVITALIZING GINSENG: Prevent the death of cells and prolong the active growing phase of hair.
  • BOOST CIRCULATION: Stimulate scalp circulation & the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Extracted from herbal plants for preventing hair loss and promote regeneration.

  • CLEAR SCALP: Prevent clogging of pores and reduce scalp dandruff or flaking.
  • EASY TO USE: Direct scalp spray on treatment for fast absorption and result. Able to see noticeably thicker hair after using it continuously.
  • NOURISHING: Hydrate scalp and provide extra nutrition and oxygen that hair follicles need.

  • WEIGHTLESS FORMULA: Non-sticky formula with slight hair lifting effect. Will no weight hair down.


  • Main Ingredient: 

    Ginger - Improve scalp condition and prevents hair loss.

    Ginseng - Stimulate circulation in the scalp, increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles.

    He Shou Wu - Popular herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent grey hair.

  • Net Content: 30ML


  1. Wash and dry your hair before apply
  2. Spray ScalpRevive™ to the root of scalp and gently massage it.
  3. Apply it twice a day.


  • 1pc X ScalpRevive™ Hair Regrowth Essence Spray
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