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Fridge Drain Unclogger Set

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Without an exit point for the water, it tends to pool on your bottom shelf and in your salad box or drawers. This can impact the quality of your foods, making them soggy and potentially helping develop mould at a rapid pace.

Unblocking your fridge drain hole is NOW an easy and painless task with our Drain Unclogger, putting your refrigerator back in good order once again.


  • Easy to Use

A one-step pulling motion, simple and dummy-proof.

  • Compact Design

Hand-held option that is designed to be handy and compact.

  • Reusable

Easy to clean and use be reused over and over again, a handy aid to keep in the house.

  • Safe Operation

Non-electrical and non-invasive way to unclog the drain, will not damage you or the fridge.


1 - Unplugged frigid from outlet for safety.

2 - Clear out items in the fridge.

3 - Remove drain plug.

4 - Place the end of the tube into the drain and pull on the snake to start sucking excessive liquid in the drain hole.

5 - Repeat until the drain is cleared.


Weight: 200G

Material: Plastic


1x Fridge Drain Unclogger

OR With 1x Plunger / 

OR With 1x Plunger + 1x Ice Shovel

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