Far Infrared Magnetic Neck Wrap

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Keep Your Neck Warm and Stay Away from Respiratory Disease with this Far Infrared Magnetic Neck Wrap.

Utilizing dual Magnetic & Tourmaline Technology with Self-releasing Far Infrared heat, it Perfectly warms your neck and protect you against cold & respiratory illnesses.

Therapizing with 5 permanent magnets, the bio-composite heat-chip Moxibustion consists of Tourmaline & Nano-functional ceramic powder for bacteria inactivation in throat area.

Tourmaline emits Far Infrared Radiation in the 4-14 micron wavelength.
The radiation will keep your neck at around 35-37degree celsius to keep you warm and to prevent infections.

Electromagnetic radiation in the Far Infrared range boosts the immune system and promotes detoxification.


  • Self-warming Magnetotherapy
  • Deactivates Rhinovirus (the cause of the common cold) which replicates better at cooler temperatures
  • Dual thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect
  • Non-invasive approach to inhibit bacterial infections
  • Prevents & curbs common flu
  • Boosts circulation & speeds up metabolism
  • Strengthens immunity against respiratory illnesses

  • Materials: 5 Concentric Magnets, Tourmaline
  • Neck Size: 0"-18" with adjustable Velcro straps


  • 1pc X Fra Infrared Magnetic Neck Wrap
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