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Emergency Fire Blanket

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Fire blankets are non-flammable safety items that can fight temperatures up to 900 °F (482 °C). They smother small fires by not allowing any oxygen in to fuel the flames.

Easier to use than a fire extinguisher, perfect for personal protection and putting out small fires.


  • Personal Protection

Effective in putting out fire if one’s body is caught on fire, or can be used as a body shield when evacuating near areas exposed to flames.

  • Putting Fires Out

Drape the fire blanket over the fire without throwing it or fanning the flames can ensures the fire will be out instantly.

  • Easy to Use

Ideal for everyday people who aren't equipped to operate a fire extinguisher.

  • Easy Storage

Folded bag, perfect for hanging on the wall for easy storage and easy access.

  • Must-Have Emergency Item

One of the most important household items to have in store, just in case of emergency.


Size: 1x1m, 1.2x1.2m, 1.8x1.2m, 1.5x1.5m


1x Emergency Fire Blanket

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