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Biodegradable Grass Growing Mat

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All-in-one Biodegradable Grass Growing Mat contains seed, fertilizer and mulch in one easy to use “roll out” growing system.

Once rolled out and watered, our specialized grass roll sticks to the ground. Each seed is then surrounded by fertilizer and held in place between two bio fabric layers.


  • All in One

Includes seed, fertilizer, and mulch to create an invincible grass growing solution. 

  • Easy to Use

Simply lay on your desired area and water regularly. In 5 weeks time, your lawn will be fully grown!

  • Blend in Perfectly

Adapts to the landscape and offers immediately a pleasant aesthetic effect.

  • Effective Growing

The seeds are precisely proportioned and scattered, avoiding excessive or short quantities, inside a thick weft which holds and protects the seeds against extreme rains and irrigations.

  • Versatile

Super lightweight and easy to roll out or cut into patches to revive weak grass areas. 


Product Size: 1 Roll 6" x 40 ft."Coverage 20 sq. ft

Material: bio fabric, turf quality seed, nutrients bio fabric.


1 x Biodegradable Grass Growing Mat

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