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Vitamin C Enriched Aromatic Therapy 3 in 1 Shower Filter

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Begin with a wonderful day or after a busy day, what we need is taking a Relaxing Bath. Beauty & Healthy 2 in 1 Perfume Water Filter let you enjoy a comfortable Aromatic Skin Therapy Treatment.

The New Technology of Infusing Aroma and Vitamin C into gel provides a Great Step-up To your Bathing Experience! When you take shower, a certain quantity of the gel dissolves in water. The water rich in Vitamin C and Aroma is great at:

Vitamin C - Brighten and Revitalise Your Skin, Remove Dark Spots and Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Aromatic Therapy - Relieve Stress and Fatigue, Improves Sleeping Quality

It also Removes Chlorine from water. Chlorine can cause Skin Allergies and Damages your hair.



1. Aroma helps to Relieve Fatigue and Stress, Relaxes your Body and Mind

2. Add Snail extract, Milk, Vitamin C to Decrease Skin Problem and have Anti-Aging Effect on the skin.

3. Improves Skin Texture, provides Moisturizing

4. Food Grade Natural Materials that are Safe and Healthy to human body

5. Easy to install in 2 minutes, no tools are required.

6 .Blocking Pollutants and Chlorine Effectively

7. can Use Up to 60 Days for 4 people




4 Natural Aroma - Rose, Mint, Lavender, Lemon

Rose: Anti-Aging, Stress Release, Good Quality of Sleeping

Mint: Stress Release, Grease Balance, Refreshing, Deodorising, Deworming

Lavender: Deworming, Deep Cleaning, Good Quality of Sleeping

Lemon: Anti-Aging, Refreshing, Anti-Inflammatory, Improve Immune System


Package Includes

1 PC X Beauty & Healthy 2 in 1 Perfume Water Filter

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