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Anti-Snoring Mouth Strips (30PCS)

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Mouth Taping: The simplest and latest way to achieve better sleep.

Perfect for people who suffer from one or more of several sleep-related problems:

  • People who snore
  • People who wear CPAP oxygen mask while sleeping
  • Anyone who sleeps with their mouth open

Chronic mouth breathing and resultant snoring leads to many problems, such as dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, bad breath and so on.


Non-invasive sleep aid

Curbs mouth breathing, encourages nose breathing

Helps you to sleep better

Supports natural jaw movement

Improves CPAP compliance

Reduces open-mouth snoring

No more morning cottonmouth

Allows you to wake up feeling refreshed

The strips are made of 100% allergenic, biodegradable material. They are also free from latex and gluten. They have been thoroughly tested and do not cause skin irritation.


Directions: Wash the area around your mouth, remove backing of tape, position the tape and stick it on!


30x Anti-Snoring Mouth Strips

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