Anti-mites Cheese Deep Cleansing Soap

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The ultimate solution to itchy and irritated skin - Anti-mites Cheese Deep Cleansing Soap effectively eliminates mites living under your skin and restore your skin with moist and natural glow. 

Various medical reports have shown that mites, especially scabies and demodex mites, could be one of the major causes of different skin problems, e.g. itchiness, acnes, or irritations. Our cheese soap is specially formulated with rich and fine foam, which includes special acaricidal compounds to inhibit the important enzymes in mites’ nerves on one hand, while softening and moisturizing your skin for a flawless result on the other.

With rich natural essences, this soap is totally mild and safe for everyone including allergic/sensitive skin users and children. Thanks to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory feature, it can notably soothe itchiness and heal acnes/irritations in just 2 weeks with regular applications, while restoring your skin in 1 month. Wash your face with the soap twice a day after removing makeup, you can also apply on your body/hands if necessary.


  • Effective in killing mites living under skin
  • Heal itchy and irritated skin
  • Rich and fine foam/bubbles
  • Includes acaricidal compounds to inhibit the activity of mites
  • Softens, moisturizes and hydrates your skin
  • Rich natural essence from cheese, honey, milk and shea butter
  • Perfect for different skin types and users
  • Heal itchiness, redness & acnes
  • Clean and refine pores with moist
  • Apply twice a day for the best result
  • Applicable to body and hands as well



Size: 60g


1 pc x Anti-mites Cheese Deep Cleansing Soap

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