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Anti-Fungus Nail Treatment Pen

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Kill your foot fungus mess-free! This Herbal Nail Treatment Pen contains various natural Chinese herbal extract that helps to penetrate your toenails and eliminating the fungus around your fingernails and toenails effectively. The powerful ingredients also immediately repair dry, brittle and discolored nails. With regular application of ONE WEEK, the treatment pen rapidly promotes the growth of new healthy nails and acts as a prevention measure for future infections.

With a simple design of liquid in pen, you can apply the treatment whenever and wherever you want, and  It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to treat onychomycosis by repairing your damaged nail bed and killing the fungal. With all the natural and eco-friendly ingredients, no irritation or side effect would be caused.



  • Gentle and natural ingredients, safe and no side effects.
  • Eliminate fungus by penetrating to the nail bed

  • Accelerate regrowth of nails
  • Small brush design, easy and convenient to use.



  1. Clean the area that you want to apply the treatment on.
  2. Apply the treatment to damaged nail 2-3 times a day, with three drops in the morning, and dropping six drops at night.
  3. Complete the entire treatment by applying continuously for ONE WEEK.


Effects: Anti-fungus, nail cell regeneration, accelerate the metabolism of nails, fast and effective treatment of onychomycosis, etc.

External use only

Package includes:

3x3mL Herbal Nail Treatment Pen


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