All Purpose Bubble Cleaner

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Clean EVERYTHING with our All Purpose Bubble Cleaner. It removes all kinds of filth and stains: grease, oil, watermarks, dust, wine stains, paint......You name it! You can also apply it on whatever you want to clean, whether it is leather or your microwave. Spray it on, let it soak up the filth and simply wipe it clean and reveal your possessions' sparkling clean new look.

With our skin-friendly formula, not only you can use it on any items for any kind of filth, it is also safe and gentle for all skin type to use. After cleaning your items, Our All Purpose Bubble Cleaner leaves a refreshing smell around your environment and creates a sense of great cleaningness.
Usage: 1. Insert powder into included bottle
2. Integrate with 80 ml of water
3. Shake to foam up
4. Pump out foam as needed
  • Powerful Cleaning
Capable of removing all kinds of stubborn filth and stains, such as, wine stains, grease, watermarks and paint, giving back the diamond shine to your appliances, fabrics etc.
  • All Purpose Cleaning
Use on your toilet, microwave or even your leather handbag, this All Purpose Bubble Cleaner is applicable on any item you find dirty. Simply spray it on and let the foam soak up the filth!
  • Skin-Friendly Formula
It is formulated to be safe and gentle on all types of skin. With that being said, it is 100% ideal for people with sensitive or allergic skin to use.
  • Pleasant Smell
Not only does it cleans your items, it also leaves a fresh, pleasant smell to your items and surrounding environment, giving everything a sense of great cleaningness.
  • Safe to Use
We have perfected the formula so that it can be applied on all items, including appliances that will be in close contact with food and items that will be in close contact with the human skin, such as microwave and bathtub.
Net Weight: 10 x 5 grams
Package Includes:
5pc Bubble Cleaner
1pc Pump Bottle
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