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20K Bristles Ultra-Soft Deep Clean Toothbrush

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With over 20000 bristles made with ultra-fine soft materials, it can effectively remove impurities and plaque on your teeth. Prevents bad breath, tooth decay and cavities without hurting your gums. 

Shape like your teeth and reach all difficult areas to deep clean your entire mouth, including your cheeks, gums and tongue with tongue cleaner on the back.

*Prevent gum diseases and cavities by brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time.*


  • 20K Bristles

With over 20000 ultra-soft bristles, the toothbrush is able to reach all areas and gaps in your mouth, eliminating all impurities and plaque to prevent bad breath, tooth decay and cavities. 

  • Gentle

All bristles are made to be ultra-fine soft materials, protect your dental health without hurting your gums. Suitable for children whose gums and teeth are still in developing stage.

  • Deep Clean

Shapes like your teeth, able to reach all gaps and dents in your mouth. With 20K bristles and tongue cleaner, you can also keep your cheeks, gums and tongue to completely freshen up your mouth.

  • Ergonomics Handle

Ergonomically design anti-slip handle ensures a steady and smooth cleaning control.

  • Tongue Cleaner

With raised dots in the back, you can easily brush away the white coating caused by debris, bacteria and dead cells getting lodged, which is the main cause of bad breath.


Bristles: Flat, Teeth-Shaped

Color: Black, White


1x 20K Bristles Ultra-Soft Deep Clean Toothbrush

1x Travel Bag

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