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Ultimate Drain Cleaning Claw Catcher

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The handiest way to fix clogged drains – Ultimate Drain Cleaning Claw Catcher effortlessly grabs everything unwanted from your sink and drain with no skills required!

This catcher comes with a retractable claw for easy grabbing. It has a long reach up to 1.6m which will be able to go deep and claw whatever clogs your drain including hair, soapy gunk, tissues, food residue, or anything beyond your imagination.


Thanks to the durable stainless steel, the claw holds up to 1kg even in the deepest, narrowest and hard-to-reach areas, as well as retrieving dropped or hidden subjects in a flash - as handy as your third hand!



✔Unclogs your drains in a flash

✔Keeps your hands clean from dirt

Retractable claws for quick & easy application

Grabs up to 1kg & reaches up to 1.6m

✔Applicable to bathroom, kitchen, sofa, crevices etc.

✔Bendable & flexible

Durable & sturdy stainless steel with strong grip

✔Chemical-free & affordable

✔Retrieves lost, dropped & hidden items too


Size: 60cm / 90cm / 160cm


1 x Ultimate Drain Cleaning Claw Catcher

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